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This cake was requested for an 11-year old boy who loves the Northwestern University Wildcats and also plays football for the Northside Dolphins. Ironically enough, the logo for the Northside Dolphins is just like the Miami Dolphins but with an "N" instead of "M" for Miami. So yes, that was intentional

Not Your Average Cake is an Amateur Cake Maker.

Cake Ingredients & Method

It's a chocolate cake with cherry filling The logos were hand painted on gum paste

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Comment Posted on 10/13/09 by
great! [Report]
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Question Posted on 10/13/09 by
can i ask what kind of fondant you use? [Report]
Reply Posted on 10/13/09
We actually use the wilton fondant from Michaels. It is just so cheap with the abundance of 50% of coupons available. We do add extra vanilla and flavoring to it.
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