Decorative British Marshmallows
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covered in fondant. gumpaste "bill".

tara is an Amateur Cake Maker.

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carved yellow cake

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Birthday > alabama baseball hat

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Comment Posted on 2/9/09 by Jimmy
How did you manage this? It looks just like a cap!!! Not like a cake at all. I am v impressed! [Report]
Comment Posted on 5/19/09 by Miss G
I had to do a double take thinking that maybe someone was trying to sneak one past...but after enlarging the pic it really is a cake! 10 out of 10 for my vote...BRAVO! [Report]
Comment Posted on 10/12/09 by Marie Waadt
wow sometimes people don't give these cakes due credit. I am impressed on how you got the texture so close to a real hats. Good job. [Report]
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