Decorative British Marshmallows
Tara Alexander's Description

A fairly easy cake to do depending on how much detail you put in and colouring the gel blue makes it look like real water

Tara Alexander is an Amateur Cake Maker.

Cake Ingredients & Method

choc sponge

Decor Ingredients & Method

fondant icing and piping gel

To Decorate

swimming pool scene

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Birthday > swimming pool cake

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Comment Posted on 10/10/08 by coco
Wow Tara, your cakes are fab. I love the water in this?? [Report]
Reply Posted on 10/12/08
thank you for your comment on the cake...I use piping gel for the water, its great because its clear you can add food colouring to it to make it any colour you like and its all edible.
Comment Posted on 2/14/09 by colette
wow this is fantastic well done keep up the good work. [Report]
Comment Posted on 7/23/12 by sandsher
Awesome cake! You did a great job! [Report]
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