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The peace, love, and happiness were all made out of gum paste and all the little flowers at the base of each cake were made from fondant.

Not Your Average Cake is an Amateur Cake Maker.

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top tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and the bottom tier was white vanilla cake with strawberry filling.

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Comment Posted on 9/7/09 by grace!!
This is my cake!!! i loved it soooo much! it was so yummy and everyone loved it!!! thank you sooooo much Andrea and Meoi!!!!! [Report]
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Question Posted on 6/16/09 by HarmonyStar
This is very cool! How did you get the tie dyed effect? [Report]
Reply Posted on 6/16/09
Thanks. I rolled out the white fondant and just put drops of neon color gel colors and smeared them with my hands. Once all mixed I folded once, re rolled and covered. It was quicker than hand painting the tye dye and we wanted it to be a light color to not make the cake too busy.
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