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i wanted a special cake for my mums 60th birthday, i just learnt roses in cake decorating class and wanted to show them off! this is what i came up with!

haymay is an Amateur Cake Maker.

Cake Ingredients & Method

the plant pot is coffe cake, the heart is chocolate and the present is sponge...message me for recipes if needed

Decor Ingredients & Method

all was made with regalice and coloured with paste colours

To Decorate

i decided to make a mixture of cakes to cover everyones tastes t my mums party so came up with 3 different cakes in a 'present table' effect.
the heart was covered in ivory fondant, when dry i wrote on the mum poem with grape icing pen, and added fondant bow, the plant pot is coloured with paprika and iced onto 3 round 6in cakes shaped to pot, the present is shell pink regalice. the roses were handmade by me, they are wired and displayed in an oasis so can be kept

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Birthday > 60th birthday cake..plant pot with roses, heart & present

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Comment Posted on 4/14/09 by
It's beautifull! I think everybody else thought so too!!!!! [Report]
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